Learning, Breathing, Growing…..

I’m learning, I’m breathing, and I’m growing.I’m learning I can’t control it all. I am learning to just let go at times and it is a struggle. I’ve for so long felt this responsibility and a need to control but I am trying so hard to let that go.

I am learning to be bold in who I am and not compromise my beliefs. I am learning to be upfront and if people don’t like it..oh well. God is more important to me and I’m tired of breaking his heart and in turn..my own.

I’m breathing. I am living each day. I am seeing and learning in so many ways. I feel alive and real. I am breathing in the fact that I am a mixture and I don not have to conform to the world and one way of living. Who I am is ok.

I’m growing into a more beautiful woman everyday. I am learning my faults and flaws and growing out from those. I am growing into the things I love. Writing more. getting on a stage singing.

I am so grateful for all God has taught me and teaches me every day. I am glad that from the badness so much more good has sprung forth. I am grateful for the kind and loving and just feeling deep heart God has given me. I want to spread this aliveness I feel to all around me.

My prayer is to be all I am inside on the outside….to take this passion that burns in me when I hear music or write  words upon a page and share that passion with the world.

I’m learning, breathing, growing…..

October 22, 2010   9:41 am Written to My Heart by Paramore


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