All I wanna do

On days like this all I wanna do is write. Writing is on my brain so much and in my heart that I can’t even focus on work. My brain swirls and twirls and creates. I’ve  found when I don’t take my ADHD meds I am so much more creative but it’s not conducive for Social Work and all the paperwork I have. But yes all I want to do is write. To learn to get these thoughts out of my brain coherently for others to be touched, entertained and loved.  Yes I want others to feel loved from reading my words. To feel they are not alone in this world but that there are others who hurt, laugh, cry and act goofy like they do and for them to know it is all okay. My dream to also become a professor and teach other souls; to guide them and direct them.

The thought of getting into NYU scares me but I am just gonna push forward and try anyway and not worry. My prayer has been “if you want me to get in God, then I will….if not I will know I am to stay here.” There are so many possibilities sand I just want His way and His will…either way I just know I will be writing. I will be touching souls and hearts with the words God has poured into my heart.

All I wanna do is write…


5:00 pm


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