I Wish

Dreams break upon a crooked sky. I see the pain in so many eyes. Hearts ripped open in a number of ways. Tears grace their face. My heart breaks. I want to wipe all of them away. I want to hold their hand through all the pain. I want to help them be strong as I have. To cry but then to breathe in, stand strong and tall, and move through it all. Knowing there is more. Knowing this is life and it sucks, the pain, the heartache. Knowing there will be brighter days. Oh How I wish I could make them see….

In the midst of hurt, that soul crushing hurt, there is a chance to learn, a chance to grow, a chance to be loved, a chance to be healed.

I wish I could make them see, as I hold their hands and wipe their tears. I wish I could hold them every night so they don’t have to feel so alone. I wish I could help them be all they can be.

I wish I could heal their cracked sky and broken hearts and mangled souls. I wish. But I see it is their journey, not mine and their choice to be who they are to be.

7-19-10 10:50 am

Written to More Like Her by Miranda Lambert



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