A Scar

Words pour forth from in me. A sould bursting with thoughts about life, love, living and being. It blows my mind how you can be happy and move on and know you are better off but the tear is always there. And it doesn’t hurt like it did before but yet it’s there…always there. I am grateful it’s there. That may sound strange but it reminds me. It makes me stronger. It makes more grateful. It makes me stronger.

At one time I was fully broken. I was barely breathing. I was bleeding. Now I’m healed. But that scar is forever there. That rip of my heart will always be there in some form. I am glad I can see the good from my pain.

I am an optimist to the core. In the midst of pain, and heartache, in the midst of drama and confusion, in it all I stand strong. I always have. I am a survivor. I believe in the brighter and better days. I am glad I do because I am living in them now! Wow. Wow. I’m surrounded in love.

Written to Break Even(falling to pieces) by the script


1:54 pm


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