Love Songs

I don’t think I believe in love songs anymore…… I want to but I don’t see it in my life in any form or fashion.

On second thought I am too damn postivie…too glass have full to really believe that…. but right now it sure feels true.

Its only the heartbreak, your full of shit songs that seem to be real and true……


11:19 am


2 thoughts on “Love Songs

  1. palladiamors says:

    C’mon now. You know it come’s and it goes. You run with it during the good times, you do your best to let it go during the bad.

  2. uponmyheart says:

    I know it does but that’s why I have this blog to write what i feel at the moment I feel it…plus I said I can’t helep but believe in love and love songs-like I said. But this blog is my free expression……and we have moments of anger, hurt and pain no matter how happy or healed we are and we have the right to feel it. So let me state I am not bitter….but have moments of bitterness…I am human and real and feel…..and that’s why I have this blog…to pour out all i feel with no judgments or counseling needed. All things stated do not mean that is whoi I always am…i am complex and feel a million different things in one day. However I do agree with your statement.

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