It’s up to me….but i need a calm brain

I know it’s up to me to take the time to write. To work hard at getting into school. To take the steps to get published. It is up to me top use my time wisely. I want to but when you have a hard time focusing it can be hard. I am really hoping to get on the right ADHD medication and begin to focus. Not to lose my hyper side but to be able to focus. I can sit here all day and write poetry b/c for some reason I can hyper focus on it but other writing and doing the paperwork, etc for school…I struggle with it. And then life in general takes my focus. So….I know it is up to me but I also hope I get the help I need. ADHD people function on a much higher level I believe because we have to do the normal tasks of life while trying to also calm our brains. It takes us 10 million times the amount of effort of someone who does not have ADHD.  I just want to be able to focus without all the effort. To be able to complete a task without stopping 10 times, like I have already today here at work and just get things done. I can do it but am praying for the right medication to help me. Yes, i’ve made it 26 yrs without it but would like a better quality of life for sure.  Well, we will see…….


9:01 am


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