He’s Everything

So, I have really met someone. Someone who is changing my life. He is amazing. I did not expect this or even see it coming. I have only known him for a short time and I know I love him. And he loves me. My heart is bursting. Tears of utter and complete happiness fill my eyes. It is amazing. He is everything I have looked for, everything I have dreamed of. I don’t have to wish for anything. He loves all the little things and he loves me for me. It does seem soon and we may be nuts but we both feel the same. And how many people dream of this and search for this their whole lives and never find it? I’m not walking away or letting go out of fear or others judgments. I know this is real and right and true.

The most amazing thing to me is I was married. I thought I loved him so much BUT nothing compares to this love I feel. NOTHING. I have NEVER felt this…NEVER. It is amazing and wonderful. I truly believe it is forever. I never want him to let me go.

I am blessed and do not deserve someone so amazing. He has such a kind heart. He loves so deeply and passionately. He is kind. He is funny. He is sweet and kind. He is a believer. He is a friend. He is just amazing and I do not deserve someone so amazing.

I’m in love with a boy I barely know but that I seem to know so deeply…….

Happiness consumes me….I’m one lucky girl……

4-20-10 12:33 am

Written to Lady Antebellum, “When You Got a Good Thing.”


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