A Pounding Heart that is Living

My heart beats and pounds in my chest. Music pours through a song and all that has happened lately burns deeply within me. Life unfolds and in it is pain, heartache, joy, life, and love. I am taken away and lost in all that I am seeing. I see. I live and it is so very amazing. Life is amazing when you are living it. Even in sorrow b/c in sorrow you are able to see others humanness. You are able to see and feel love.

I can’t believe all I have over looked in thinking I had to move to start  my life.  Life is here–happening everyday. It is the here and now and I am grateful to now be living here. Feeling, loving, experiencing oh so very much.

Now I let the words stop as the emotion still burns and I know for once and now that I am truly alive.

4-13-10 11:15 am


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