Th New Stage of Friendship

I think is is amazing how each step in our life leads us into a new stage of growth, devleopment and discovery. For instance I feel like I went through a deep self discovery and have learned a tremendous amount about myself and that is still ever growing but I went through a seaon of focus on just that. Now I am seeing the theme of friendship in my writing and in my life. I am making new friends and coming in contact with people I know God has placed in my life. And I must say it is “effin” amaing! I am not only identfying with others and laughing and having a good time but we are helping each other through some tough stuff. We are loving each other though it all and just supporting each other. It is amazing to see that we can touch others lives in the midst of pain. In the midst of self discovery and confusion. I see how God has opened doorways and I am leanring and growing and changing and it is simply amazing. So amazing.  Yes I am tremndously blessed. So blessed. 

4-4-10   9:44 pm


One thought on “Th New Stage of Friendship

  1. palladiamors says:

    We all touch others as we go through our lives. Affection, friendship, and comradarie do not care if our lives are going through rough spots or not. In fact it is during those times when we need the touch or voice of a friend the most. Stand by those close to you, let your words be kind, and let your actions speak of louder kindness still.

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