Almost Free

Well, I had a run in with my ex and “best friend” at a restaurant this Saturday night. That was an amusing experience but I must say it was okay and got me to that place I have been wanting to be.  Also I would have thought my heart would have sunk in my chest and I would have felt broken but I did not. I felt okay with seeing them together and think they deserve each other. I mean they moved away and only made it for 2 months and are already back. I guess when no one works and his mommy does the providing you can’t make it on your own in another state. So….

I am SOOOOO better off and so glad to be set free, well almost. I approached them 2 times and got a date set for him to sign the papers. Hahaha they didn’t like this! Too funny! We met Monday morning and it was “done.” He signed and waved his right and agreed with the divorce. I have court in about 3 weeks and it will be official! YAY! I can’t wait to get there and be done with everything!

I can officially be free to move on. No strings attached and I am still just so excited about what my future holds. I thank my God!!!

“Sometimes your prince charming turns out to be a retard in tin foil.”-unkown

“Sometimes the biggest heartache in your life, turns out to be the biggest blessing.”-Me

3-24-10  10:04


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