So Blessed with Friends

I am so very belssed. I truly am. I was just talking to someone today about how pain blinds us to all the good we have in our lives. We get lost in the hurt and sadness. We get lost in the wounds that are bleeding. In being lost we are unable and unwilling to see all the good God has given us. People to change us, heal us, and hold us. I am seeing that now. I realize when I think I don’t have any friends…I have sooo many. I have at least 6 people who I can tell anything to. People who I believe will always be there for me. I am making friends through church now. It is amazing how covered in love I am.  Just having these people to unleash all my pain, my thoughts on, well it is simply amazing and such a gift.  I am truly blessed.  My prayer is I won’t overlook them. My prayer is I won’t let the new possible friendships slip passed me. I want to touch their lives as much as they touch mine. Even if our firendship is  a moment in time. Even if it is a long term, life lasting friendship. Whatever it is, it is from God and I want to cherish it. I am seeing more and more how blessed we are if we just choose to see. I want to see. I want to live. I am blessed.  Blessed with more friends than I can count on one hand!

3-14-10  9:59 pm

Written to Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos


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