His hands upon my body. I close my eyes. I feel the love and passion burning inside. I have waited my whole life. Graceful and slow. Love is created between two souls. Two bodies intertwined to make one. A connection. I have waited my whole life. He moves over me; graceful and free.  Life. Love. Dreams. This is it for me. He is my one.  Passion. Desire. Marriage. Life. His eyes meet mine. Music burns in  my mind. I feel every emotion inside. Joy sparks and it lights. His hands upon me. I pull him closer to me. Can he be close enough? I feel his breath. Two bodies moving as one. Two souls intertwined. Life. Love. Poetry. I am ready. Passion I have never felt. This is right. This is what I knew it always could be. He moves with me. His chest presses to mine. He whispers words of love. He goes inside. I feel alive. There is no seperates only us as one combined. Love. Love. Love. This the passion of love. True love. No regrets. No wrong place. He is my all. I am his all. That is it. As we connect as one. Love bursts forth. Slowly we move to the rhythm of the music inside. Slowly we make love. Slowly we all are we need. Love. Love. Love. Two souls intertwined.

3-12-10  10:58 pm

Written to Colorblind by Counting Crowes

When I here this song I just think of making love…..this song with the hauntingly beautiful music is perfect. The video below was perfect for the song and what I wrote.   this is the perfect video


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