Writing is my life, my breath, my everything. And is must be mixed in with music. I sit here at work, typing documentation and listening to my Pandora Radio station that I call “Deep Tracks” and I feel words and life stirring in me. I must take a break and write. I must put words on a page. I can’t wait till I get to the place when I don’t have to do this regular job and I can write all day. When I can write poetry, articles, and blog all day. I love to write. I love words on a page. It is the one dream that has never changed. For once I see God can and will use this gift and actually already has in so many ways. Satan has tried to take this dream from me and I still struggle feeling like this is a selfish dream. But why? I can reach the world with words. I can travel. I can love and show them Christ in words and in my actions. I can’t wait and I must. I must work….work…work…to make this dream a reality.

3-9-10 8:30 am


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