MoonBeams and Life

A moonbeam graces the sky and I realize this is life. Here and now and this is it. It is the little things. It is meeting new people. It is helping a child. It is watching the oscars with friends. It is hugging and kissing my neice. It is chatting with an old friend on facebook. It is e-mailing my friend in Iraq. It is saying a simple prayer. It is listening to my Mom complain. It is spending a simple day with my sister. It is punching my brothers in the arm. It is laughing. It is taking a break from documentation to write a short blip on my blog. It is praising God in a church service. It is turning up the music loud and singing at the top of my lungs. It is dancing. It is walking and chatting with my friend. It is a smile. It is a hug. It is cuddling with my dog. It is putting a pen to page. It is love. This si and now. I am seeing the little things and the beauty in them. Like I love the word moonbeam and I love the quote, “beauty in an infamous void.” It is this small town that holds my family. It is the ocean rolling. It is the sunset. It is sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea. It is seeing the world- meeting new people. Talking to a stranger on a plane for a moment in time. It is visiting my listtle sister. It is putting pink and blue in my hair. It is feeling everything to the core and being grateful for it. It is living and dancing and being truly free in my Christ. This is life. This is life. Here and now…. and….. I won’t allow it to pass me by.

3-8-10 9:30 am


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