The Chance of the Words

Words form in my mind. They burn in deep. My heart beats. My breathing quickens. Words swirl and twirl and dance inside. They are dying for their chance. Their chance upon the stage. Their chance to perform. Their chance to change the world.  A chance to love. A chance to speak truth. A chance to laugh. A chance to see and be. A chance to accept help. They all want the chance to be. To be more than hidden inside of me. They seek to burst free. To burst forth from the hidden recesses of my heart, my soul, my mind. They seek to be free, as I also seek to be free. Free to speak the truth and love of Christ in a real life. The opportunity to create a new life. The ability to spark a thought, a notion, a movement. They seek to escape the cage. The seek to pour onto a notebook page or a computer screen. They seek to live and be.  And so when I should be lying in bed in sleep. I am here. I am at my computer typing thoughts onto a page. I can not ignore the desire, the excitement to set free the word, the thought, the action, the love. So I sit here and I pour out what comes to the mind. I pour out the words which need to be set free, it is their time. Their time to grace the page and change the world. Their time to create a melody of life. Their time. Their time. It is their time and it is mine. It is mine. No longer can I hide. As I allow them to burst onto the page, I am able to burst out of me. As I set them free, I am ultimately set free. My dreams no longer feel like long-lost dreams, they feel real and attainable. Each day I am closer and closer. Each day that I commit to allowing the words to be free, to dance across a page; each day I allow this, I am closer to my dream of living a life of writing. The life that burns and has always burned in me.

Words pour forth–the beauty in an infamous void—it is me set free.

3-8-10 1:04 am

Written to Color Blind by Counting Crowes


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