I must say, i feel so free tonight! It is so amazing! I don’t feel covered up and I can breathe! I don’t hurt, I don’t feel anger, dissapointment, heartbreak, etc. etc. I feel life!!! I feel alive!! So alive!!!! FINALLY! Wow….thank you God! Thank you God! I must keep moving ahead and just being me…living free….this is the freedom that He talks about in the Bible…wow…amazing…life…I feel so free!!!!! So very free!!!!! Ahhhhhh! Yay! I am just truly excited about life…whatever it may be….it doesn’t have to be the generic life…it can be the life, the path God has for me me. I am excited. I am free. I am becoming fully me…alive and free! I am Free! FREE! FREE!

2-14-10 1:21 am


2 thoughts on “Free!

  1. prsherod55 says:

    I found youuuu…
    I’m so excited for you… to live…. to breath… and knowing your beloved is ever so near…

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