My Heart Melts

My heart melts upon a piece of paper. Words formed to make me who I am. My feeling. My heart and soul. My dreams. My confusions. My life. Yes, my heart burns and pours and melts. I know no other way. When writing I feel so alive. I feel free. I feel like I am touching another soul besides me. I am able to see a little more clearly. I am able to get out all I feel inside. I am able to be. I love to turn on my deep music, as I call it, and let the words form in my mind. It is beautiful to me. I can’t fully describe how I feel. My heart  lifts and I want to cry but I feel excitement and fear too; almost liking riding a roller coaster in some ways. Beauty on a page. My heart dripping word by word. Life. True and real life. More than I will ever know. Life. Words upon a page. Words to be. Words that are free. Life. Sweet life. As my heart melts words onto the page of all that I am to be in this life.



9:50 pm


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