Satellite Heart

Beauty, grace, love, life, hands on the keys to fill a page with words complete. Ahhh the love in the words. The love pouring from the hands. Thoughts, dreams, creativity, The heart that burns deep to put words upon a page. To reach the world. To touch souls. To make others see, feel, dream, believe. To help others through. To see that we all feel pain. We all break. We all grow and change. It is okay. Words on a page of life. A heart bleeding on a page. The heart to reach others, the satellite heart. Pouring out to the masses of souls and hearts. Spinning words touching all kinds out there. To touch each heart and soul. Yes, to feel, to believe, to see, what is true and real and alive inside. satellite heart. The heart of words on a page, dreams to be….

1-4-10 11:48 am                                                                                                                        Written to Satellite Heart byAnya Marina on the New Moon Soundtrack


2 thoughts on “Satellite Heart

  1. prsherod55 says:

    You have everything to walk out 2010!!!!

    God has everything covered today and tomorrow and the future….

    You are a beautiful writer….

    Continue to move towards the cross so that he may live.

    Happy New Year

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