A new Year, A new Life, A new Me

I sit here in my now clean extra bedroom at my little desk that cost me only $30…..and I LOVE IT!  It is my own writing spot. It si perfect and I am grateful for my writing classes that have repeatedly told me to make a spot like this. I feel more creative already! It is a new year….a year I think that will bring great new things. I feel peace, joy and wonder. My heart beats and I feel so content and happy! I do have some anxiety about an upcoming trip to Utah…Ia m scared my plane will crash..LOL…..I usually am like this once I get on a plane but feel it now…..hmmm…..and then this peace is almost broken by the thought…what if I have this peace because I’m gonna die?  Then I remember the words of a friend I talked to about this wierd anxiety and she told me if it does crash it was God’s will and I will be at home with him…..and if it is not His will for me to go then I will not die….yet I still fell ahhh….I am just not ready and don’t want to leave my family. I want to do more for God. To truly live for him….for my heart to be completely his and to influence those around me with His love, His grace and Hsi mercy.    So yes this is a new year to be filled with greatness, no matter what comes…..

1-02-09  10:57 pm


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