And so I begin…..

Life moves up and down and all around; and yet we must continue on. We must see beyond it all to see that God has His hand in it all. We may not understand but He is there guiding us and helping us. If we just choose to listen. And this may be being still, it may be reading His word, it may be in a song. He is there. So as my life twists and turns, hurts and burns, I see my Christ and He is there and it is I that pushes him away. He loves me where I am but does not want to leave me that way. He wants to heal the shattered pieces of my heart and make me as whole as He can again….

and so I begin……

11-24-09 1:07 pm


2 thoughts on “And so I begin…..

  1. prsherod55 says:

    I’m so glad your taking baby steps towards your healing.
    God is good and your right he will not leave you the way you came to him.
    God has everything covered .Continue to lean on him and not your own understanding. He will continue to reveal his plan and purposes you are his bride….

    Happy thanksgiving to you…

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