Dreams Before Me

Dreams flash by and I see all I wish to be. I see the possibilites before me. And yet guilt overtakes me. It consumes all that I am. Confusion reigns in me. I must fight and break free to see the truth in me. What is truly right and wrong? I must fight to live the life I am truly destined to have.   I can be free. I can see. It will take time. Yet one day I will be where I am to be. Wrapped in love, wrapped in truth from God above. I will be. Dreams flash by, dreams of you  and of me…one day to be.

11-12-09  5:00 pm


One thought on “Dreams Before Me

  1. prsherod55 says:

    Jesus thank you for releasing your dreams and visions over your daughter. Thank you you are giving her clarity of mind.
    Thank you for making her courageous by your spirit.
    Jesus I thank you your the perfect lover and husband who’s fully aware of what your daughter needs today. Thank you for covering everything she needs today, and tomorrow, and the future.
    Thank you for responding to your daughters cry’s…
    We love you faithful one…

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