Friends, life, and such

I love how God blesses us. He is too good!  I have felt far from Him lately with this sadness and anger I have been going through and he just continues to bring friends into my life to lead me in a better direction I believe. I chatted with a friend today who I think has the possibility of becoming a life long friend and is someone who I seem to have a lot in common with.  I am just so blessed. And I am excited about the new adventures I have in my future. I am leaning towards moving and I am waiting to unitl I start counsleing and work through this depression and co-dependcy I seem to have. I am so ready for more than this town. To live and breathe. 

That is like talking wiht this friend who gets out and hikes and rock climbs.  I have always wanted to do things like that but only my Mom hikes. None of my friends want to get out and do things like that.  It is exciting to see someone who got out of here and has been through some tough stuff and has a decent life and is following dreams.

Yes. I can do it and can not wait for what my future holds….

God is so good.   

11-6-09  7:20 pm


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