Counseling-Hopefully a new and Brighter day to come

So, I think I am going to start counseling soon with a Christian Counselor. Someone is to call me in a couple of days. I feel weird doing it, like God is not enough. But I have realized He saves us but salvation is not some instant fix….I have been saved since about 8 yrs of age and through that time I have seen so much: Abuse, hitting, crying, affairs, divorce, a new family, cancer in a baby brother, being the oldest, bearing the burden, mistakes, regrets, forgiveness, death, marriage, separation, heartache, pain, confusion, never being enough….and I realize I can’t do this on my own or with anyone   around me. I need someone to listen and help me figure it all out. How to let go, to deal with the pain, to be healthy…not just giving into all those around me and how to do this the right way…not selfishly. I spoke with a friend last night and a different one tonight who both greatly encouraged it and I took the steps and e-mailed… we will see where this journey takes me. All I know is I love God but don’t know how to live for Him fully, to deal with this hurt and the sadness that plagues me. So, I am taking that step to learn how to deal, let go and be a stronger servant of my God. I am grateful he gives us people like this to help…He loves us so much.

10-27-09  12:33 am


2 thoughts on “Counseling-Hopefully a new and Brighter day to come

  1. prsherod55 says:

    I;m so proud of you! It takes alot of courage to take the next step towards your healing. God has many tools for our healing.
    You’ve experienced alot of losses and God wants to hold his little girl. One of the beautiful experiences I was introduced to
    in a group called christlifesolution was the little girl inside of me. I had no idea she was the one who suffered all the trauma,abuse and suffering. God in his mercy allowed me to get to know her. The sad part about him exposing her to me was I treated her and abused her like everybody else. Now God is teaching me to come along side her and allow her to have a voice, pay attention to what she needs from me. Until we come along side of the child we once were we will continue to carry alot of baggage into adulthood which is all a repeat of what we don’t want. Take baby steps and God will do the rest. I’m excited for you.. you are going to be introduced to who you really are. What happened to you is not who you really are. God wants to empty the old life and pour in the truth of who you really are. Check out the website
    incrediable information.

    God we chose to trust you …

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