“Pour it on” How to fill the Void


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More, Lord, more of You in more ways at more times in my life for Your glory. This is a Biblical prayer for a Biblical experience with God. “Pour It On” explores what God longs to do in our lives and how to access it.

Messages in this series:

Pour It On! Part 1 Hosea 6:3 Sample
Pour It On! Part 2 John 4:1-15 Sample

From our listeners:

One day I came from school and I saw this CD box that said “POUR IT ON.” It had two cds in it. I took the first one and put it on. The first thing I heard was, “Why don’t you place God in the center of your life and you come back in a month and tell me if everything is the same.” I listened to it everyday after school, and really, after a month everything changed inside out. I gave my life to God at the age of 16 and now I’m 19 years old and couldn’t have been better. I did not know who James McDonald was but I wanted to listen to him more. Well I just want to say to keep on teaching the word of God and sharing the knowledge that God has giving you because it changes lives. Thank you for doing what God has called you to do.

This from James McDonald on Walk in the Word (www.walkintheword.com) This is a great series and I just listened to the second part and I think I may buy this set. It is awesome.  Again, funny what God will show you and how He will grow you when you begin to surrender. This message I needed and the  felt like it was just for me!  Man God is good. Something he said that I really like is….”we all have a void in us and salvation, church, etc will not fill that void. Only God can and that comes form intimate time with him. We have this notion that Salvation fills the void but it is only means that there is a possibility of intimacy.” (something to that effect anyway.) This is true,. We tend to believe salvation is all that is needed but we need more….we neede prayer, time alone with God, reading the word and listening, then the void will be completely filled and we will obtain true intimacy with our Lord and Savior. Oh…how I desire this and seek it and I will get there! Praise God..thank you Jesus!

9-17-09 9:36 am


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