Here Again….

Well, Here I am Again…..

Pouring my heart out on a page. I guess I just had to write and state that– man life is a suprise and how time moves along. How do we get to where we are I wonder?  Soemtimes it is so clear,and other times it is foggy. I seek and search and see and yet do not. Hmmm…..I am still waiting for a change and am torn. I want to go from here and only visit and be a writer and live in this dream and meet the man that will complete me in some crazy way. And yet I hate the thought of leaving this beatuiful area. Of leaving my family, friends and home. And I think I can write here. Then the thought of living here always and having to send my kids to school here and deal with the same people in this too small town knowing everything…ughhhh…is all I can say. So, here I am again…torn…as always. Thinking too much. But knowing I will know what to do and where to go/stay when the time comes. I know my God will show me and His plan…well it is the best…..

So I wait again and turn over the dreams and thoughts and one day we will see. ….

8-27-09  12:42 pm


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