It has been a long time since I posted. Some of which is due to writing in my nice balck and white composition book…aka my journal and some of which is that I don’t think many people see this but hey tonight it was burning deep in me.  So I just finished Breaking Dawn and officially the entire Twilight series and I am breaking down…not literally but I feel lost. I loved that world everynight. I could not wait to get propped up in the bed and read well past a good bedtime hour….like now 🙂   And ahhh I hate it is all over. It brought me tears, laughs, excitment, pain, and utimatly it has brought me conviction in areas. I find it amazing all that God uses in our lives to teach us. I have grown and seen my pain and love in a new way. I have allowed myself to feel again. Ahhh…it is just so amazing to me. And ulimatley it has only fuled my love for the written word and my desrie to study it and know more and turn these ideas and thoughts into more than just small ramblings on a page. It has also taught me that my dream begins now –not in some other state or some big city, in the perfect place. For there is no perfection in this world and if I can not write here how can I write there? So, I have begun to write more, study and even read more. For what kind of writer has not read the classiscs even? So, here I go on another adventue of words and thoughts on a page and we will see where they end up.  We will see…….


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