Here Again

Here I am again..being led to this page while dreaming, thinking and wanting to know more. Yet I patiently wait trying to fully listen to Christ, my Savior and God.  My BEST FRIEND.  I know He has a plan that is so much greater than my on. It is full of His life and love. He created me for it and I must trust him and let him guide and direct and not try to figure out every little step. To live in the suprise and joys and hard times as they come along.  I know I will be moving in the fall. I don’t know exactly where I will be. I know I will not go alone…but who will go with me? I know He told me my marriage would be back together.  Or did He? Is it all me? I do at times stil lget confused and I know my heart is deceitful…so I don’t listen to it…I question it. But I truly feel this has all come from my Savior and now I must wait..continue to listen and trust….He knows what He is doing.  I can’t wait! It is all so exciting. I must now keep writing and take it all one day at a time…knowing He will not leave me hanging.  He will show me His gloriuos way little by little in His time and way…I can’t wait!


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