My Brother!!!

So, here is the story……I’m passed out, sleeping extra hard because of the pill I had to take for my back and the phone rings. I run to the living room to get it and it is a weird number and some crazy guy is talking to me.  Now mind you, I was sleeping hard from the pill I took and I was a little groggy!  Finally I realize it is someone very special. It is someone who I think of often and it is the last person I expect a call from.  Well, it was my little bro from a big city (as he put it)! 

I was totally floored.  I could not believe it was my bro!  Now to put in persepctive for those of you who are wondering why I was shocked.  My brother and I have different Mom’s and grew up apart more than together and we rarely talk. So, it was a shock and an exciting one at that! 

Well he called me at 12:30 and we just got off the phone at 3:15!  And I could have kept on talking!  We talked about EVERYTHING.  About life in the big city compared to life here in the little mountains. It was amazing!!!  He was encouraging and inspiring!  It was great to hear my little brother’s, brotherly instincts kick in with my marriage.  He also really pushed me to follow my dreams and get out of this town and you know what…I am.

I know I will pray and not rush and I know God has a plan. For a long time I have felt like His plan for me is not staying stuck in this town.  So I am really praying and seeking God on it.  I have dreams and I want to pursue them and I am praying that I will and I’m working to get there!

I am also extra excitied because he wants me to call him! YEAH!  It is great to know I am his sister and he loves me.  I guess I never was sure if I should call or not and now see I should have.  So, it is exciting and I will keep this up!  I am also excitied because I am going to visit……and YES I WILL BE COMING! 🙂  I can not wait to see where he lives, goes to school, his favorite hang outs, etc.  He has been here to visit and see my life and now I get to see his!  I am waiting on the dates– sometime after Decemebr 1st I will be visiting him in NYC!!!  I can not wait!!!!

I love my little bro and have always loved him so much!  I wish all the best in the world for him.  And he doesn’t realize how God used him tonight to just encourage me.  I am so grateful for the blessings of God!  He works in amazing and simple ways.

Well, I guess I must go and get some sleep but I had to write about my brother who I love and miss dearly!  I can not wait to see you little bro!  Thanks for calling and for loving me!  I’m proud of you and so excited for us to get closer!  Thanks for making that call tonight!  I love you!

PS We really will sit around and make fun of my hick accent!! 😀



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