An Angel on Earth

I have to write about my best friend.  She is an angel on earth.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.  All these years  we have been friends and we grew apart but we are close again and I don’t want to let it end.  (BEST friends for 10 years now!!!! Yes our 10 year anniversary is this September 16th!!!! WOW) We are meant to be best friends.  I still think of how it all came together.  It was there growing but became complete in 10th grade.  We had friends in common and went to sleepovers, I hooked her up with my now husband 🙂 in 9th grade, we even started to become best friends around that time but it didn’t happen.  Then in 10th grade I had my sleepover and no one was coming!  But I am not sad…it was God.  I did not even call to ask my friend because I thought she wouldn’t come if other friends we had in common were not coming BUT  God knows what He is doing!  She called and asked and I was crying and she came!!!  My angel…that is where the nickname started.  We had a blast.  I think this began our brownie fights!!!  And after that we were inseperable!  She found her true love, who she is still with. They are perfect…truly made for each other. And that boy I hooked her up with and I fell for while they were together, well years down the road we married…who would have thought? 

She is still my best friend and always will be.  She is positive, gives her time to me (knowing I need it so much right now).  She is creative, funny, different, kind, beautiful inside and out, smart, contains more wisdom than she knows and has a strong faith in God.  We are different but so much alike in ways too.  I can identify with her. I am blessed and I wanted to give this testimate for her.  She deserves all the beauty life has to offer.  She is my best friend always and forever, until the end. 

(I am praying for a move closer to her. Then we can live out some of our dreams together…we’ll see 🙂 )


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