Confusion into Complete

I don’t feel so lost anymore.  I feel complete.  Even with my husband being gone-I still feel complete.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I miss him fiercely.  I want him him, but I have found the TRUE source of fulfillment—in Christ.  And not the world’s Christ-BUT- the REAL Christ.  Freedom in Christ. Being me in Him.  God gave me talents and abilities for a reason and I am to use them to bring Him glory.  Not to be selfish or lazy with them. 

I have also allowed Him to fill those vacant places within.  I have realized that it is not my husband’s role-it belongs soely to Christ.

I must fully trust in Him.

I’m learning and growing and know a new turn, a new path is on the way.

Each day is a new step to Christ.  To trust, to believe, to love, to see.   

So, I pour my heart out on this page–knowing God gave me this gift and He will use it for His glory and in it I will receive the undeserved blessing of doing something I love.

I finally feel complete.  Not confused.  Just complete.


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