Real love is more than magic

Love.  Love is such a beautiful thing. It is life and beauty. Yet it can be pain and hurt and broken dreams. How can something be so amazing and yet so hurtful. Is it really love that is so bad; or is love the good and we bring the bad by faking love or being human– that we are allow ourselves to turn another way?  I wonder. I have seen love in some many ways and I wonder what the real love was.  I don’t think it is was in lies.How can you love someone and treat them bad or cheat or break their heart? I thought I was in love many times and now I wonder if it was love or just infatuation and me closing my eyes and seeing what I wanted to be real.  I wonder. I know that regardless I believe in real love and I think real love is work. It is not always easy. It is more than a magical feeling: It is trust, truth, hanging on and believing.  That is love, real and true love.


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