Hello world!

Well, here I am at 9:05 on the east coast side of the state (no where near the beach) in a tiny country town.  A town I have grown to love and to hate. Here I am in my trailer of all places and beginning a blog.  I am listening to a mix CD I just created; a mix of songs that make me think and write.  Some call this music depressing but I beg to differ.  I love it. It takes me to a ploace where I feel I am in tune with my heart and soul and everything in it. I sit here in my little room in my big comfy chair-the place where I love to think and write- and I type. So much in me is wanting to burst out….I feel I have found something special here. I found a home for me. A place to write and express myself.  A place to let it all out.  Wow. It is amazing.  Thank you Lord for this…you knew I needed it. Well…..hello to others out there. I can’t wait to come back and write more….maybe even more tonight.  Finally a place…a place for a dreamer and writer like me.


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